Frequently Asked Questions - Common to Motorcar and Motorcycle Hire

Q. Does the hire rate include insurance?
A. Yes. Our rates include COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE cover for named drivers only.

    Download our "Motorcar Insurance Explained" document
    Download our "Motorcycle Insurance Explained" document

Q. Can I pay the insurance excess deposit in cash?
A. No. We require a credit card or debit card for the security deposit (Visa or MasterCard or Maestro only).

Q. Will the insurance excess deposit be debited from my card?
A. No. The security deposit will be deducted from your available funds by your card provider and made available to us as a pre-authorisation. We will cancel the pre-authorisation on completion of the rental.

Q. What's my maximum financial liability in the event of an accident or damage?
A. Your maximum liability is the amount of the insurance excess you have agreed at time of hire.

Q. Can I pay the hire rate in cash?
A. Yes. Please do. However we also accept credit card and debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, Laser and Visa debit cards).

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located near the beautiful village of Adare in County Limerick, Ireland. We can give precise directions before your visit.

Q. Can I use your cars or motorcycles outside of Ireland, such as the UK, France, Isle of Man, and will I still be insured?
A. Yes. You can take our cars and motorcycles to the continent (inc UK, Isle of Man, France etc.) and you will be insured with the necessary minimum cover to comply with the laws on the compulsory insurance of motor vehicles in any country which is a member of the European Union, Andorra, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Q. What happens if the car or motorbike breaks down?
A. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the car or motorbike, we would ask that you first contact us and we can offer advice over the phone. The hire rate includes full AA breakdown cover and expert assistance is normally no more than 45 minutes away.

Q. How long does it take to complete the payment process and test drive?
A. We would ask all customers to allow up to 60 minutes to complete the check-out process, test drive and demonstration of the controls and other items.

Frequently Asked Questions - Self Drive Classic Cars

Q. What happens if I don’t demonstrate adequate competence to drive the car during the test drive?
A. It is most unlikely that you will ‘fail’ the test!! As long as you have the driving experience required under our Terms and Conditions you should be ok. If you are a complete autonautical disaster then we’ll give you your money back and the Hertz telephone number.

Q. Are the classic cars easy to drive?
A. Yes. You just need to allow slightly longer breaking distances and remember that there is no power steering. The cars are well balanced and drive as well as modern cars. Some controls and items of trim and accessories can be delicate and need a gentle hand so we will point these out to you during the check out process.

Q. Do I need to wear my seventies gear?
A. You can if you want. We would suggest tucking your flairs into your socks to avoid tangles with the peddles.

Q. Seriously, what should I wear?
A. We would suggest you bring a hat and wind-proof coat if you fancy topless motoring. Even on warm days it can get a bit chilly without the hat. Shades make you look cooler as well.

Q. Do the cars come in other colours?
A. We’re afraid not. We would need a bigger garage if we had a range of colours for each car...not to mention a Microsoft budget.

Q. Are trackers really fitted to the cars?
A. Yes. We have real time tracking for insurance purposes. We would ask that all customers stay within speed limits and drive with due care and attention. If you do exceed any speed limits or show unruly behaviour on our screen we will automatically detonate a small explosive device via GSM which will drop all the doors, flip the bonnet and boot, the wheels will fall off and the exhaust will backfire (think Laurel and Hardy). So be warned!

Q. Old cars normally leak a bit in the rain, do yours?
A. Yes, they do a little, but that is all part of the character of the car. The occasional drip might land on you but it will not spoil your enjoyment.

Q. Can I use the convertible roof in the winter?
A. Yes. However, cold weather makes the fabric and flexible clear screens very brittle. We will advise if we consider it inappropriate to use the roof to prevent any damage.

Q. I'm a bit of a fusspot and like everything just perfect with my cars. I don't fancy the prospect of poor heating and I don't cope well with mechanical faults. Am I the type of person that should rent a 45 year old classic car?
A. No. You need an open mind for classic car motoring. If you want a car that drives, feels and performs like a new car, go to Hertz or Avis.

Q. Do you rent "regular" cars?
A. Yes. If you would like to experience a classic car or retro motorcycle during your your fly-drive self-drive vacation, then we can organise a regular car rental for your tour with a few days of classic motoring at the beginning, end, or in the middle of your tour. We will take care of everything including logistics. Just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions - Self Drive Retro Motorcycles

Q. Are your motorcycles classic bikes?
A. No. All our motorcycles are new modern models from the retro classic range of bikes by Royal Enfield. They perform like modern bikes but with classic looks and sound! You get modern mechanicals, electronic fuel injection, economy and efficient disc brakes.

Q. What happens if I don’t demonstrate adequate competence to ride a motorcycle?
A. Although you may have a full and valid driving licence to ride a motorcycle you may not have ridden one in a while. We will normally establish your level of experience during the booking process and ensure that you are completely happy with the rental. We will not allow the rental to proceed if you shown a lack of competence during the check out process.

Q. Can I take a pillion passenger and is it permissible for the pillion passenger to drive the motorcycle during the rental period?
A. Yes, once this is agreed at the time of collection, and once the pillion rider meets the rider requirements.

Q. Do I need to bring my own gear?
A. Ideally. We have some gear here for you to hire (jackets, trousers, waterproofs, gloves and boots). However, you may feel more comfortable in your own gear and we recommend you bring it with you. You'll save some money that way as well.

Q. Do I need to wear a helmet?
A. Oh yes.

Q. Do I get a choice of colour?
A. We’re afraid not. Colours vary as our collection varies and gets replaced. Colours cannot be guaranteed.

Q. Are trackers really fitted to the bikes?
A. Yes. We have real time tracking for insurance purposes. We would ask that all customers stay within speed limits and drive with due care and attention. Information from the trackers will be used in the event of an accident.

Q. Classic bikes can be a bit uncomfortable for long journeys. Are yours?
A. No. All our bikes have modern controls and suspension. They are good for riding all day long. However, our recommended routes will limit the amount of miles you have to cover each day and maximise your enjoyment.

Q. Do you rent during the winter?
A. Yes! We get some beautiful fall and spring riding conditions but bring your thermal underwear and willy warmer / padded brasier.
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