Self Guided Motorcycle Tours

Royal Tours of Ireland & Northern Ireland

Who are the Tours Designed For?

British and Continental Europe Riders
Our tours are designed for riders that wish to fly to Ireland instead of ride. This can save several days travelling, fuel and ferry costs and maximises your time touring, rather than travelling.

USA, Canada and Non-European Riders
Our tours are designed for riders that are unable to bring their own bike to this part of the world. Simply arrange your flight into Ireland and we’ll take care of everything else from the moment you land.

Where Will The Tour Take Me?
Depending on your chosen itinerary, our tours take in the best parts of Ireland & Northern Ireland and centre on the Wild Atlantic Way.

What’s the Typical Age of Rider?
Our tours are open to all age groups, but generally the people who come on tour with us are more interested in touring and sightseeing than racing and mile munching. For insurance purposes, we have to impose a lower age limit of 25 years and an upper age limit of 69 years for all riders. Passengers must be over 18 years of age but there is no upper age limit.

How Far Will We Ride Each Day?
Mileages vary each day. Short cut routes are generally between 90 miles and 200 miles each day. Full routes are generally between 150 and 275 miles each day. We have provided rough estimates of daily mileages and totals for each tour within each of the tour details.

Can I Deviate from the Set Route?
You can deviate as much as you wish but you must obviously arrive at your hotel each evening. Our Sat Nav GPS routes allow you to deviate but also pick up the set route again at any point. You can deviate to see one of our recommended attractions and shorten your set route by heading direct to the next destination. We will explain how the Sat Nav GPS works when you arrive.

Are There Any Rest Days?
Some tours include designated rest days and you can cut short any of our set routes and arrive at the hotel earlier if you wish. Some routes include two night stays at some destinations allowing you the option to take the day off or ride a short round route for the day. The good thing about our tours is that you can choose an easy or more arduous route each day depending on your energy levels on any particular day.

What Will I Ride?
You’ll ride the latest range of Royal Enfield or Benelli motorcycles (max 2 yrs old). They are perfect for the terrain you will be covering. Our motorcycles are easy to handle, lightweight, torqy, safe and wonderfully retro - just perfect for your surroundings and a great talking point at every stop.

Why Don't You Use BMW Adventure Bikes or Harley Davidsons?
For two reasons. For starters, the rural roads in Ireland are very curvy and narrow - there's no long and straight Route 66 or autobahns over here! Most roads will allow a safe riding speed of no more than 50 mph (80 km/hr) so you don't need a bike that does 100mph. Our Royal Enfield motorcycles are the perfect choice for the riding conditions, they are easy to control and are not overpowered. You'll be more at one with the terrain on our motorcycles than any other bike.

The second reason is to give you a fun and enlightening alternative to your normal ride. Leave your BMW or Harley behind for a change and experience something different for the week. It's a busman's holiday on a BMW or Harley, but it's a once in a lifetime adventure on an authentic 1950's styled Royal Enfield.

Can We Ride Two Up?
Our motorcycles are perfect of solo riding but fully capable of carrying a passenger. We recommend a combined weight limit of 175kg.

Do We Have to Worry About Refueling?
You are responsible for refuelling and making sure your bike does not run out of fuel but we'll advise on distances and fuelling needs. You will also cover the cost of refuelling but don't worry too much as you'll only spend about €15 per day.

What Driving Licence Do I Need?
We can only accept riders with a valid full motorcycle licence, which has been held for two years or more, issued in the following countries: UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. If you fall outside of this requirement please talk to us as we can normally get you included, providing you have a clean driving record. Certain licence endorsements may preclude you from riding so these must be identified to us in advance of final booking.

What Support Will I Get?
We provide 24 hour advice by telephone or email and 24 hour breakdown cover.

Where Will I Rest My Head?
We use 3, 4 or 5 star hotel and B&B accommodation (depending on your chosen itinerary). All hotels have full bar and restaurant facilities and some have leisure facilities too. The hotels we choose are excellent quality and vetted by us.

You get a full breakfast every day - cooked or continental - the choice is yours.

Why Don't You Use B&B Vouchers Instead of Pre-Booked Hotels?
Last minute accommodation in Ireland in peak season can be difficult to find, particularly in the most popular tourist centres. Our tours remove the stress and inconvenience of phoning ahead, finding "No Vacancies", and worrying about whether you will get a good quality night's accommodation. All your accommodation is pre-booked in excellent quality hotel accommodation with full hotel amenities. You will not be disappointed.

What’s the Dress Code in the Evenings?
The majority of accommodation we use is 3 star standard or above and whilst most hotels are 'bike friendly' it does no harm to fit in with the rest of their clientele. Most people dress ‘smart casual’ with jeans, polo shirts, shirts or tee shirts.

What Else is Included?
Motorcycle Insurance, GPS, Airport transfers and air travel luggage storage.

What’s Specifically Excluded?
Flights, Meals and beverages, Motorcycle riding gear (you need to bring your own gear but we'll supply a helmet), Personal Injury Insurance, Holiday Insurance.

Do we need Travel/Breakdown Insurance?
Breakdowns are taken care of by us, so no worries there. You must take out some form of Personal Travel and Accident cover. This is essential for repatriation of yourself in the event of an accident or medical emergency. Our motorcycle insurance covers the motorcycle and third parties, it does not cover you.

How do we Book a Tour?
Once you have decided which tour to do, you can call us or email us to ensure that we have availability. If you then wish to book, we will hold a tour for you for one week. During this time we request you complete a Booking Form and Insurance Form and forward it together with a payment for the deposit amount. Upon our receipt of your Booking Form, Insurance Form and payment, you will be sent a Booking Confirmation showing the remaining tour balance and when it is due. We’ll send you a reminder a week before the balance is due.

What Happens Next?
Once we receive the balance for your tour we will issue you with a full Tour Information Pack approximately 2-4 weeks before departure.

How Can We Pay?
We keep payment as flexible as possible. We accept cash (no fee), cheques in Euro currency (no fee), Visa or MasterCard credit cards (2% fee) and debit cards (1% fee), PayPal (3.5% fee) and direct bank transfer in Euro currency (no fee). The various fees only cover our costs.

Are My Payments and Holiday Safe?
RetroVentures complies with the requirements of the Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act, 1995, where it provides a package holiday under the definition of the Act. Please see our Package Tour Regulations page for further details.

Can We Take Your Tours on Our Own Bikes?
Yes! Talk to us.
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